Art Classes

Bhoomi arts class

The Importance of Art

Some may look upon art education as an ancillary activity or a fun hobby to pass the time. But, if you take a moment and look closely at the world around you, it becomes abundantly clear just how important the artist is in our society.

The science fiction writers of the nineteen twenties and thirties, artists all of them, wrote about spaceships, rockets and the like before scientists began to develop ways to actually accomplish space flight. Leonardo da Vinci dreamed of machines that flew. H.G. Wells saw a future that seemed pure fantasy to those who lived in his time.

Artists dream first and then express their visions through their art forms. Only then do practitioners of the material universe who believe in the artist’s vision begin to establish ways to make these dreams realities for us all.

Artists are the real inventors of civilizations. They write the scripts and create the sets that enable us to play at life. Artists are precious resources and should be treated as such.

Career Options

We have all heard of the “starving artist”, but did you know that the fundamental skills learned in the arts are vital skills necessary in today’s work-a-day world?

From Architects to Web Designers, Animators to Photo-Retouchers, knowing how to draw and paint well are critical elements in succeeding in their fields.

Perhaps that is why we concentrate on bringing up the creative guys among the youth to come forward as artists and animators.

Courses Offered

2022 January-June
Weekly Two Classes
Basic Course: 6 Months
Course Fees For 6 Months
1 KG - Ist Rs.3000 Rs.200
2 2nd - 4th Rs.4000 Rs.200
3 5th - 7th Rs.5000 Rs.200
4 8th - 10th Rs.6000 Rs.200
5 Others Rs.6000 Rs.200
6 Months Class & Activities
  • Free Hand Drawing
  • Nature Study
  • Letter Work
  • Model Drawing
  • Composition
  • Face Work
  • Water Coloring
  • Design Work
  • Scale Drawing
  • Light & Shade
  • Prespective
  • Subject, Memory Drawing
  • Crayon
  • Online Exhibitions